Alpha Tau

About Alpha Tau

Alpha Tau was colonized in 2013 with a founding class consisting of 20 brothers. In the Spring of 2016, we were officially Chartered. We are made up of nearly forty active members.

Tau Epsilon Phi is a brotherhood built upon diversity. At Alpha Tau, this is no different; we accept people of all walks of life. We believe our differences bring out the best in ourselves, make us unique and allow us to grow as individuals and as an organization. You learn the most when your surroundings contrast your beliefs.

As undergraduates, it is our primary goal to attain an education. School work should always be a priority that comes first. Outside of the classroom, we believe that we should always look to better ourselves. As a result, we follow the three pillars Tau Epsilon Phi is based upon: Friendship, Chivalry, Service. Every brother lives by these three principles in an effort to improve their school, community and connections with others. Above all, our brotherhood consists of down to earth people with good natured ideals.

A Brief History of TEФ

There existed two fraternities at Columbia University. Neither of which allowed the admission of members of minority races, religons or creeds. Ten men were denied membership for these reasons. Instead of accepting their situation, these men became determined to start their own Brotherhood. A fraternity based upon three pillars; Frendship, Chivalry and Service. On October 10, 1910, after growing interest and planning, Tau Epsilon Phi was founded. To the left is the Alpha Chapter Composite from 1911.

Today, Tau Epsilon Phi has chapters and colonies/interest groups throughout the country. We are a close and tight-kit brotherhood that expects the most out of their members. Whether it is alumni catching up, or chapters are visiting one another, brothers are always in contact with each other.